Reduce Dark Circles with this DIY Beauty Tip

       Hello lovelies!!

I am a HUGE fan of easy home remedies where my beauty worries are concerned. Most of the recipes that I swear by are passed onto generations in the family. These recipes use ingredients that are available in every kitchen and are hence totally inexpensive and safe to use. Even for people who have super sensitive skin like me,  these recipes are a life saver.

I have therefore decided to share some of these tried and tested DIY Natural Beauty remedies with you.

Ok! Enough of the chit-chat! Now let’s focus! hmmm this post I’m going to tell you about one veryyy inexpensive item available in every kitchen that can be used to treat dark circles. POTATOES!!! Yes! You heard it right….. potato juice is one of the safest and sure-shot ingredient known to reduce and lighten dark circles.

Say Bye! Bye! to Dark Circles!


Grate raw peeled potatoes and cover you eyelids with it as you lie down with closed eyes. Keep for minimum 15-20 mins and then wash. Use regularly.

With continuous use, you will see a marked reduction in your dark circles and pigmentation around the eyes. No matter how hot the weather, potato juice will instantly cool your eyelids and is therefore also an excellent way to sooth strained and tired eyes.

Try out this easy and simple fuss-free method to get red of your unflattering dark circles.

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