It’s time for some confession….Don’t know how to say it..hmm… (hyperventilating…)…uhh…hands turning clammy..deeper breaths… some nervous hand twisting…welll….I AM ADDICTED!!!! There! I said it! …

To What you ask? Oh ho… MIRACLE…By Lancome Paris. Phew!


OK! OK! I agree! All that drama was unnecessary… 😀 Anyway, my point here is that Lancome Paris’ Miracle fragrance is just too good. Got the perfume+Body lotion set as a gift from husband dear.. 🙂 and absolutely loving it. So much so that I’ve already finished one-third the bottle…Gosh! It’s soft, floaty and O-So-Feminine . I just love how delicate the scent is but just as lasting.


If you talk about the body lotion, it’s soft, supple and non-sticky. It’s so light that I don’t mind using it as my daily moisturizer. I would truly recommend it if you are a connoisseur of exotic fragrances like me.

You can buy the 100 ml pack here at Rs. 9325.00

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