MANHATTAN- Last & Shine Nailpaint Review

Helllo friends… 🙂

This post is about my little experience with MANHATTAN Last & Shine Red-y-licious Nailpaint (650) which my hubby picked for me recently. Actually most of the nailpaints I choose are in shades of Pinks or Greens or… Blues …Yes…! Really… So hubby dear decided to choose something himself which he thought would look good on me and would be different from my usual choice.

So…!!This is the color he chose for me and I’m actually quite loving it! (hearts* hearts*)


LOOK: It is a bright shimmery Red and looks extremely beautiful after application. I am actually very fond on Manhattan cosmetics but this is the first time I am trying their nailpaint and I’m quite glad that I did. The color is intense and looked great even after a single coat. It also has a soft gold shimmer which looks very pretty in bright daylight.


I LIKED MOST: Unlike most nailpaints whose brush applicator is round, MANHATTAN Last & Shine nailpaint has a flat brush making application on nails very easy and gives a much smoother finish.

COMPANY’S CLAIM: The company claims that this nailpaint has a gel-like shine and is quick drying which is true. Their claim of it being longlasting is yet to be confirmed since it has only been a day since I wore it..


VERDICT: I Love it!

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