Choosing your Wedding dress: 10 Helpful Tips

Every girl wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. She wants the best of everything, all just to make her dream wedding come true. The best of jewelry… the most amazing venue…the loveliest pair of shoes and and above all…The most gorgeous wedding dress ever. And THIS is the dicey part coz most often HER wedding dress doesn’t suit her much. The realization that the dress she earlier thought was perfect, was not perfect for HER often comes a few days before the Big Day or even much later…. when she is going through her wedding album.. months later :/ oops!

 Did I just give you the panics..OHO..just Chill!!! Coz there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do with some careful thinking and planning. You ABSOLUTELY can find the most gorgeous dreaa and look sensational in it too. The trick is to research well, be informed and never EVER buy something just because it looked good on someone else (BTW that someone is most often a runway model).
Taking clues from my own experience, I’ve come up with some pointers which one must keep in mind when choosing her wedding dress.


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It is always good to research before you go out for dress hunting. Know the latest styles in fashion…. the latest embroidery trends…. the ‘In’ colors. . etc….so that you don’t feel lost when you enter the bridal shop. The best way to familiarize yourself with the latest trends is by going through the season collections by fashion designers. Even if you can’t afford their stuff, it will give you all that is to know about the latest trends.


 Now this is verrrrrrry important!!! CHOOSE A DRESS THAT SUITS YOUR BODY SHAPE! A dress which looks good on a model might not necessarily look good on you, simply because of difference in body shape Take for example: a Fish-tail lehenga or what we call a Mermaid lehenga, looks awesome on a petite or an hourglass figure but on a pear-shaped body draws too much attention on the hips making you look too broad lower there.


Always choose a color that complements your skin tone instead of making you look dull or washed out. As a bride, you will be glowing on your wedding day. Let that glow reflect your dress too. eg. Most colors look good on fairer skin tones, but very light shades like cream, and baby pink should be avoided as they tend to make your face look bland (although with the right makeup and accessories this problem can be overcome). Medium tone tends too be the luckiest as almost all colors will look good on you no matter what you choose. For brides of tan/dark tones, rcih colos like maroon, orange, red  are most recommended.


As a bride, you are expected to sit through all kinds of rituals and ceremonies in India, it is therefore always best to choose something that you’ll be comfortable in. And don’t forget your ease and comfort will definitely show in your wedding photographs too.


Think of all your wedding pictures….Do you want you and your would-be to look mismatched. DEFINITELY NOT!!! It is always good to keep your attires color coordinated. You look good together AND your wedding pics look AWESOME too. [Imagine a situation where you chose a pink lehenga and the groom arrives in an orange sherwani…(OMG!!!)]

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If you have planned a themed wedding, buy a dress that goes with that theme. Pannelled  or full ghera lehengas look exquisite for a ‘Rajasthan’ themed wedding while fish-tail lehengas are perfect for beach weddings.



If the wedding is color themed then choose a color such matches the theme. But be careful you don’t have to blend into the background color. As a bride, you should definitely, DEFINITELY stand out…BUT not like a sore thumb 🙂 For eg. If the theme is ‘gold’ then you can choose something in red with rich gold embroidery. It will definitely match and you still stand out as you were meant to be.


Many parts of India have night wedding and yet others have ceremonies which are conducted in broad daylight. ..I therefore suggest you choose your dress color accordingly. This is because many colors which look very pretty in daylight might not photograph well in night. So. ALWAYS KEEP THIS IS MIND!!!


Don’t buy something just because it is expensive and designer. Buy it because you love it! While you want to buy the best of the best dress, spending too much for  something you’ll never ever wear again is really not very wise. Always decide a budget for your dress so that the price tag of your dress doesn’t clash with your other plans.


 Depending on the time of the year, type of dress and embroidery,it can take between a few days to a few months to get your dress ready. You might also want a fitting session and a trial. I therefore suggest that you keep a good time margin for the delivery of your dress. So that, in case there is a glitch of some kind, you have ample time to rectify it.

Well…these were some pointers to take some worries off your shoulder and help you choose THAT PERFECT DRESS.. 🙂 😀
Hope I was of some help… Do write to me about your views and experiences of wedding shopping.
Love <3

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