Party Favorite Eyeshadows: MANHATTAN Intense Effect

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I’m back after a party-heavy weekend!!! 🙂 You won’t believe how much i wait for the week’s monotony to end and Friday to arrive. You know why??? *wink* wink* coz I get you dress up in the weekend. And I do it to my heart’s content. Talking about parties, I’m going to tell you about my current favorite eye-shadows. by Manhattan Cosmetics. MANHATTAN Intense Effect Eyeshadow available in the form of duos are great if you don’t like spending too much time choosing the perfect blends that goes well with almost all your outfits and looks.

Here are the four shadow duos that I currently own and love.IMG_2269a

  1. PEACHY PARTY (96N, 53D)
  2. BLUE IS BACK (101H, 77M)
  3. PARTY QUEEN (11D, 87T)
  4. LATTE ME TOO (29W, 11A)


  • Delicately silky and highly pigmented
  • Double Effect: dry for discreet colour, moistened for intense impact
  • Baked, long-lasting eyeshadows
  • The shadows are extremely good quality.
  • They are soft and silky in texture are are highly pigmented.
  • The color coordination is great.
  • They have a light shimmer and therefore great for nighttime or if you love shimmery eyes.
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These duos have most of my party requirements covered. Do write to me about your views and experiences with them.



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