First thing I did after ‘THE DATE’ was set


Yes! That’s exactly what I did. For someone who was planning on getting married since she turned 5, this I think was the most obvious thing to do. Right?? It wasn’t so much about getting married per se, but about the gorgeous dresses and jewelry one gets to buy and wear for your wedding that i used to dream about as a little girl. So when the time came, I lost absolutely no time…. I and my Momy packed some snacks(shopping can be very stressing you know and can take infinite time…), hopped into my car and we both happily went out shopping.

Before I proceed further, let me warn you…weddings in India should not to be taken lightly. Its not just the wedding but innumerable other small and big ceremonies that you have to prepare for. Add to it the calculation of auspicious dates for each one of these ceremonies. You just can’t decide on arranging something on any day…you have to consult a doctor….ooopss…i mean an astrologer who will look into his charts and tell you the best dates for each rasm(ceremony). SO… An auspicious day for our ENGAGEMENT was also decided upon…(Yes…Engagements in India are a HUGE affair…almost as grand as the Wedding itself…).

But there was a hitch!!..

Panditji (Mr. Astrologer..) also told us that the position of stars was about to change in a couple of days and its better to avoid doing anything NEW during that planetary alignment. So just a day before this planetary shift, a bridal shower was planned.  Conducting this ceremony would mean that the Engagement ceremony was initiated before the Inauspicious muhurt started. It also meant that we will not be doing anything NEW when we finally meet for the engagement. ( Getting the logic there…??? write to me if you don’t.. 😀 )

And so..I had to find a separate dress for the bridal shower too

This was another reason why shopping was a military mission for us…. Luckily for me, I had been eyeing Meena Bazaar for their latest collection and so when the time came for me to choose a dress in a jiffy, I just knew where to go. We wasted absolutely no time and straight went to the Saharaganj store of Meena Bazaar in Lucknow.

There’s something about FIRST LOOK! It is that First Look in which you decide whether you like that thing or not. (Be it a dress, a jewelry …or your SPOUSE 🙂 ) In that first look you will decide whether you’re going home with it or not. Right? In my case, I found my dress in that first look. The salesperson was taking it out from the showcase and I KNEW I wanted it! So, basically I found my dress within 5 minutes of entering the showroom.

One great thing about Meena Bazaar is that their staff is super friendly and cooperating. When you need something urgently, they really try their best to make it available for you as soon as possible. Even alterations…if not too huge, can be done in mere hours.

Thankfully for me, my dress was a good fit and I decided to skip the alterations. The dress was ironed and parceled in no time and we left the store with ‘ACHIEVEMENT’ evident from our happy smiles. In case you are wondering what the dress looked like, here are some pictures I took for you especially.

My dress from Meena Bazaar in beautiful Fuchsia and gold detailing.
The sweetheart neckline looked really pretty.
Check out the embroidery and gold sequin work on the neck and yoke.


The gold glitter border and tassels.

 P.S. : The best time to visit Meena Bazaar is during sales when discounts are 30-50% of the original value.  Time between August and October is generally sale time at all stores. So do keep your eyes open.  The dress cost me just Rs. 6-7K after discount. 😉

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