CATRICE Pure Brilliants Color Lip Balm REVIEW

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How have you been??? You ask where was I???  Actually was taking a break from the blog…But now I’m back !! 🙂 So in this ‘Return of the Blogger’ blog post i’m going to review a lip balm that I just tried, CATRICE Pure Brilliants Color lip balm : Shade 050- Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge


PACKAGING: The lip balm came in a very simple packaging with the thick stick covered in a plastic film for protection. The balm is in the form of a thick pencil which can be rotated down below to expose more product.

WHAT THE COMPANY SAYS: Smooth lip color with shea butter evenly cushions your lips. With light-reflecting pearls for an ultra glamorous finish. No sharpening required.


MY VIEWS: The lip balm is good if you are looking for something to smoothen out your lips particularly during winters when the chill tends to dry them out. The color though is very light and doesn’t stay for more than a couple of hours, so not a good idea for those looking for a balm with long stay tint. I avoided using it during wamer days as the balm felt too heavy and sticky but now that it has become cooler here in Halle, I’ve started using it on an everyday basis. Its not too glamorous but can be opted for a regular everyday look. As claimed by the company, it is really high on glitter. So if you are one of those girls who love sparkles in their beauty regimen, then you would definitely love this product.


PRICE:I bought this balm from Müller for around ‎€5 which is not too high a price to pay for a good lip balm which can become a staple in your beauty bag.

Do let me know your views and thoughts on this product and just write in to say hello! 🙂



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