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There are a lot of things that come with pregnancy. Weight gain, unflattering clothes, sleepless nights and horrible mornings when the first thing you do is rush to the bathroom. Morning sickness….O Yes! In my case it came not only in the morning but almost the whole day. It was last year in July when I had just started with the whole blogging thing when it all started. people kept telling me that it will become better in a while, but it just became worse,,,so much so that I had to be hospitalized and given drips to combat extreme dehydration. In the coming months I tried hard to keep the posts coming since it was one thing to keep my mind away from the nausea and dizziness. But even the glare from the laptop screen became too much for me giving me constant headaches and so I gave up. 

And then i went to India last December to be with family in these difficult times. With the baby due in March, I had started to feel that I have experienced almost every condition/symptom ever associated with pregnancy. My little baby girl, Gauravanshi (Gaurav+ Mansi= Gauravanshi) was born on 9th March, 2017 after a C-section and my life hasn’t been same ever since 🙂 From the extreme pain  as the effect of anaesthesia waned off to recovering enough to actually hold the baby in my arms, from midnight feeds to singing lullabys with eyes still groggy, the blog although started so lovingly, had taken a back seat. 

Then the time came to come back to Germany away from the warmth and care of my family.  From breakfasts in bed to baby’s laundry, everything was done by Mom. I helped, yes, but I never had to remember anything. Even getting the baby to sleep (the one who rarely slept) was done by her. And now, suddenly, I was doing everything on my own…ofcourse with huge help from Gaurav.  Gauravanshi will be six months old on 9th September and fairly settled in her new home here in Germany. I so I thought of getting back to my blog, the one I had started so lovingly. 

And here i am…its 11:44 in the night and I am writing to you…furiously typing as I step closer to my blog again..The Stylettos Bride.

Hope to see you soon.




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