I vividly remember the day (or rather NIGHT) I arrived in Germany… My (then) new husband was to receive me at Frankfurt Airport and I was super excited to meet him after 3 months. It was an 8 hour long flight, lengthened further due to one hour delay at the Delhi Airport. By the time we landed in Frankfurt, I was totally exhausted and drained. But the exhaustion and anxiety vanished when I saw Gaurav waiting for me at the arrivals. We had to catch a train to Frankfurt main station from Airport train station and then a train to Leipzig, which is another 30 mins drive from Halle. If you have ever visited Frankfurt, you’ll know that Airport train station is only a few minutes walk from the terminal exit. But since we had three HUGE luggage bags with us, we started towards the station without wasting even a single minute. The train from main station was the last train of the day and hence we couldn’t have afforded to miss it. Thankfully, we reached the station with more than 15 mins in hand. The station was totally deserted except for a few of my co-passengers from India who were waiting for the train like me. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, It hit me…the German winter CHILL.

It was 6th of April, so you can’t really say it was winter. It was the end of Winters but it was miles away from summer. Before you begin to understand how cold it was (for me), you really need to understand what ‘cold’ means for us Indians. Back in India, we are used to temperatures above 40°C for most part of the year. We literally wait for that one month of winter.  Mid December to Mid January is the only time when temperature drops below 15 °C and we absolutely love it. I was wearing by thickest jacket, the one which was more than sufficient for harshest of Indian winters but that night it felt totally useless. I was just not prepared for that kind of chill despite Gaurav repeatedly telling me to carry adequate warm clothing. On one hand, I was shivering uncontrollably from head to toe in my thickest jacket and on the other, Gaurav was comfortable in just a sweater as he had given me his jacket too. Two jackets on and I was still shivering, I don’t know why! I had to open my luggage, right there on the platform and pull out another sweater, an extra pair of socks and a cap before my teeth stopped clattering. 

Thankfully, the train arrived soon. But in those 15 mins, I got my first taste of German Winters. Looking back, I think it was also the anxiety of being in a completely new surroundings which added to my misery. I really say.. Anyway, we reached home some 4 hours later and Home was never more welcoming. 

Can you guess what was my first purchase in Germany????

Yes! A long long jacket which is thick and warm by German standards. 🙂 You can see me wearing it a lot during winters, specially when we go out in the evenings.

So, this was my first face to face with Germany. Since then life has been fun and full of adventures and I hope to share some of my experiences here in Deutschland with you in this new post series named ‘Life in Germany’. Hope you enjoyed..

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