You know it’s almost been a month since I started writing this post and here I am ….with just a few lines written and everything else in my head, struggling to find time to put my thoughts on paper(you know what I mean)…..such is LIFE!

Can you imagine a life where everything is funny and frustrating at the same time. You just don’t know whether to laugh or cry…well that’s a life of every new mum and here are some aspects from mine.

1. WHEN BABY TAUGHT ME TIME MANAGEMENT: Not kidding! No one, I literally mean NO ONE can teach you time management better than a baby.  From grabbing a quick meal to getting the chores done, everything gets done only when the baby permits(read Sleeps). The minute she falls asleep, my countdown timer starts ticking. It’s like you have 1.5 hrs to shower, tidy the house, clean the kitchen sink, make baby’s food, make all calls and prepare your lunch(this last task rarely gets done.. ). If you know me you’d know I always had this mantra that I ardently followed, ‘slow and steady wins the race’. I took time in everything although with perfection(that’s what I like to think). But now (smirk), I manage to finish all this in 1.5 hrs, maybe not too gracefully, but somehow I manage (a huge sigh).

2. I NOW BELIEVE THAT A SMILE IS THE BEST FORM OF MAKEUP: I actually have no option left. What else do you do when you barely get time to comb your hair, forget getting makeup of ANY kind done. I really loved getting dressed but then MOTHERHOOD happened! So now going out means putting on some clean clothes, some moisturizer and hurriendly applying some lippy (sometimes without looking into the mirror) and im good to go out. These are the times when you can see me smiling a lot coz I’m hell bent on proving that my smile indeed is the only thing I need to look good (eyeroll).

3. HOW MUCH I WANT A LONG RELAXED BATH…: Dream on baby…Dream Onnnn… I think it is every new mum’s deepest wish, to soak up in bubbling warm water without having to worry about the baby. But the irony is, that worrying about the baby is just not possible. Whether you want it or not! Even if I leave her in her daddy’s able care, I can’t stop thinking about what she is doing, or if she is hungry …or sleepy… I’ll be out of the bath in less than 10mins. So much for wanting a leisurely bath! But in reality, the situation when I can contemplate going for that hour long bath never arrives, forget coming back early. 

4. A ROOM FULL OF TOYS AND BABY WANNA PLAY WITH THE SHOE BOX : Can anything be more annoying than this?!! I mean, seriously!!!! You get your baby all the best kinds of toys and she is happy playing with that humble cardboard box with not so much as a glance towards your expensive purchase. Sometimes makes me question the purpose of buying them. Mind you! They don’t come cheap! All the research and innovation that went into making these toys more attractive to the baby, good for learning, increasing IQ and what not, goes down the drain, the minute she spots that box. Same goes for empty medicine bottles, plastic containers and old newspapers. Anything can be played with as long as it is dirty, discarded and of no real value.

5. BABY HATES BUGGY: It’s a crazy situation when your baby hates sitting in her buggy and wants to be carried in your arms because…well baby logic…I have no clue why. Because to be honest I would have loved to sit cosily inside the buggy while someone pushes it so that I don’t have to walk…but ….well….so can you imagine taking the buggy everywhere ( it’s safer when taking public transport) even when you know you will be carrying the baby in your arms and in the process look like a fool. The situations becomes even more funny when we go grocery shopping in a supermarker where hubby dear carries her and also pushes the buggy because I have a shopping cart to push. So basically, we are two people pushing two wagons and baby sitting in none of them, instead she is being carried in arms. Funny Right??

6. FINDING JOY IN EVERY SMALL THING: We adults are so busy adulting  that we forget to appreciate the miracle that is LIFE. Ask my baby and she’ll tell you(though in her baby language which consists of words like Amma, mumm, bubba, etc etc.) how truly wonderful trees are, how exciting it is to watch a car zoom past, or how much joy each morning brings. The wonder on her face accompanied with a delightful squeal as I draw the curtains each morning, truly makes my day. Sometimes I automatically try to see things from her eyes and life immediately becomes a blessing. 

So you see how life has drastically changed. It’s chaotic and crazy and sometimes messy but IT’S ALSO THE ONE I AM IN LOVE WITH. 


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