And who wouldn’t want to capture those precious moments and preserve them for eternity? That is where the Wedding Photographer comes in..because he is the only one actually looking for the unseen, he shoots not what it looks like, but what it feels like, to be in that Fairytale.  Months and years will pass on, but those beautiful moments will live on in your wedding pictures.

Every time I see someone’s wedding album, I wonder if the photographer sees the world the same way we do. Finding magic even in the most mundane of things, steeling those precious emotions from the milieu of euphoric ecstasy that forms an inevitable part of every wedding. It surely is no easy task. It requires a poetic mind and an artistic hand to make wedding pics to exude emotions. As a self proclaimed wedding enthusiast, I was truly and completely delighted when one of Delhi/NCR’s most loved wedding photographer Mr. RAJESH LUTHRA agreed to talk to me and share more about his passion and his company THE WED CAFE – BY RAJESH LUTHRA. Here are snippets from a very long chat with him on my lucky sunday evening.

Please tell us more about yourself and  ‘THE WED CAFE’. 

Basically, I started my company some 7-8 years back. I was into fashion photography then, but because I was based in Delhi, I didn’t see much of a scope for it. So I tried a little into wedding photography and got appreciated for it. When you take up some work and you get appreciated, it feels good and this is how wedding photography started. Initially I used to do the photography on my own. I took the pictures and outsourced the editing etc. Slowly, the team size increased, wedding assignments started pouring in, from one wedding to the next, we started getting more and more offers.

Credit: The Wed Cafe
So right now what is your team size? 

Team size is not much. It has some 6-7 people, consisting of mostly editors and cameramen. We also hire freelancers when required. But all the background editing and the finishing touches is done in-house. Initially, our business was known as ‘Rajesh Luthra Photography’. But as business increased, we got several weddings assignments to cover in a single day. And everyone wanted me, Rajesh Luthra, to cover their wedding, which was not physically possible. By that time we were already ranking high in Google, so we shifted to Rajesh Luthra Productions. This gave me a little respite from being physically present in every wedding but not completely. So now I have removed my own name and named it THE WED CAFE. It’s still The Wed Cafe by Rajesh Luthra but it is more of a company and now I’m in the background.

What inspired you to get into Wedding Photography? Was it your passion from the beginning? 

To be very honest, my passion was ‘Photography’. I was doing Fashion Photography but fashion had no scope in Delhi. That is when my wife asked me to give wedding photography a go. I took up a wedding assignment through a reference and got hugely appreciated for my work. As an artist what more can you want. You are getting appreciated and also making money for something you already love doing.

Credit: The Wed Cafe
When was this first wedding that you covered? 

I don’t remember exactly, but it was somewhere in 2011 or 2012.

What is your style of photography? Candid or traditional? 

Mostly Candid. But since we also have freelancers working for us, we provide everything, be it cinematography or digital photography. But our main focus is mostly candid photography.

Do you like implementing your own ideas during shoots or do you also take ideas from the bride and groom? 

Young couples these days are aware of the latest industry trends and styles. They come to us with their research done. But their information is sometimes incomplete. So we hear them out and take their suggestions but we also use our own photography experience to decide what will work or what will be more practical thing to do. And accordingly we give the best advice we can.

What is the average budget for wedding photography? 

Typically the weddings we cover start around 2 Lakh and it may go upto 10-12 Lakh based on the customer’s requirements. If the customer requires an album, we provide that, if they require drones, we provide that too. Depending on the number of add-ons, the price of the package increases. Prices also depend on the number of events to be covered or the number of hours of work put in by us. 

How many months before the wedding, should the couple hire a photographer to cover their big day? 

Immediately after the wedding is fixed, the first thing one should do is decide the venue and get an estimate of their budget. Once this is done, you should immediately book your photographer. Firstly, weddings in India are purely seasonal and each season has only a few auspicious dates on which all the weddings take place. Everyone is looking to hire the best of everything. So, if you want to hire a photographer of your choice, it’s better to book him as soon as possible. Secondly, as the season approaches, prices also increase. So, the more you delay, the more you’ll be paying for the service.

As a photographer, what is your favourite part of the wedding day? 

I love Moments. If the bride and groom are enjoying themselves and their families are not under any kind of pressure then every moment will be of a completely different level and it shows in the photos too. 

Credit: The Wed Cafe
Any experiences that stands out in your mind during your photography career? 

There are so many. Every wedding is a different experience, we get to meet new people, develop new relations, learn new things. We become an integral part of the bride and groom’s family. But I can’t recall any one moment as of now.

Which components are most important to make good wedding photographs? The backdrop, the location, the dresses or something else? 

Each of these components are equally important. Everything from backdrops and dresses, to the couple’s body language and light conditions play a role in making a perfect picture. But finding all these elements in a single shoot is quite rare. Out of 100 weddings we cover, we find one in which all these elements are present.

Any tips or advice for couples looking to hire a photographer to cover their big day? 

 Plan a ‘Day’ wedding! From the photography perspective, day weddings are much better compared to night weddings. The colors look brighter and more beautiful in natural light. Even simple wedding decor will come out beautifully in pictures during the day. Also, everyone can enjoy much more during the day which will reflect in the photographs too. It is becoming a trend these days to finish off with the ‘Pheras’ and other rituals early on, so that the bride and groom can relax and enjoy their day. Again, their ease and enjoyment will reflect in their pictures too.


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