About Me

Hello Friends….

This is Mansi welcoming you to my newest blog 🙂 I am a simple (and sweet 🙂 ) girly gal currently based in Halle, Germany and absolutely loving every moment with my ‘brand new’ husband 😉 (who is a big-shot physicist btw… )

I am an artist by passion and a geeky Biologist by education and find joy in all things crafty and tech-y. With so many hobbies and interests I never find a dull moment.  My love for creativity, fashion and all things colorful is the inspiration behind starting this blog and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I like writing about it…

This blog is about latest bridal and fashion trends..its about planning your out-of-the-box wedding and in general being inspired about incorporating sass and chic into your everyday wardrobe.

I hope to make this blog a place where we can share ideas, and not just an assortment of boring blog posts which no one cares about …  Please feel free to send me your suggestions, feedback and valuable inputs on how to make this blog more enjoyable and helpful and together we will make it the most gorgeous  place on the internet 😀

Loads of love and cheer…